Welcome to Mark Twain Was Right

I have been working on this project for two years, and thinking about it for a decade. What is it about the 2001 Cincinnati Riots that left such and impact on me and the entire city?. Was it the drama? The tragedy?The optimism? The destruction?

After staring at the pages of Mark Twain Was Right for the last two years I’ve learned that it was the people, thousands of them, that transformed the tragedy of Timothy Thomas’s murder into action.It was the people who left an impact. It was the people who showed that their force is greater than any institution. That’s what made the wake of Timothy Thomas’s death unique- it was how ordinary people decided that the status quo was no longer except able.

That is the spirit in which I wrote and illustrated Mark Twain Was Right, but that conversation doesn’t end there. I created this web site not only to talk about the graphic novel, but also to continue hearing and sharing your stories. Check out the “Post Your Stories” section to see other stories that didn’t make it into the pages of the book- but are as valuable and true as anything that I have printed. Post your story for others to see. This is how the conversation continues.

Release date for the graphic novel is July 1st, and pre-ordering has already begun. Be sure to purchase your copy today and share this part of our history with me.