4 out of 5 stars from Comics Bulletin.com

It’s been an exciting last couple weeks as the printed copies of Mark Twain Was Right work their way from the printer to all over the country. One copy made it’s way into the hands of Jason Sacks at comicsbulletin.com. This is what he had to say:

“Moore seems anxious to get this important story down on the printed page as rapidly as he can; you can feel the almost palpable forward energy of this story on nearly every page. That’s a great fit for this book because the events in Cincinnati start with a quick moment of relative quiet and quickly builds to moments of real intensity and drama.

Mark Twain Was Right is a great example of comic as reportage, and comics as a way to convey complex ideas in a way that no other artform can convey them. Microcosm Publishing is dedicated to “growing your small world,” and my world was enriched by this interesting history.”

See the full review at http://comicsbulletin.com/reviews/4846/review-mark-twain-was-right/