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“What Started as a tragedy in a dark, ghetto alley a few days earlier, had grown to

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impact the lives of an entire population” – Mark Twain Was Right

What was unique about the Cincinnati Riots was, unfortunately, not the death of a young man at police hands. It was how thousands upon thousands of Cincinnatians responded. Ordinary people went to extraordinary lengths to make their voices heard whether that be in the streets, the pews, the radio or City Hall. And because of their efforts virtually everyone in the region was impacted.

How were you impacted during the riots? What did you do? Please post BRIEF (75 words or less) stories about your life during the week after Timothy Thomas’s killing.

(P.S.- I am moderating comments so don’t waste your time writing white supremacist or otherwise hater comments- they won’t be published)

Cops in SWAT gear and brandishing rifles (presumably loaded with non-lethal projectiles) used my alley at 14th and Pleasant as a staging point for an operation that consisted of jumping from the shadows to tackle and handcuff unsuspecting citizens de-boarding (word, no?) at the 14 bus stop a block away just minutes after the curfew went into effect each night.- Aaron B.


I had to watch my neighborhood on CNN while I was in Illinois at college- Dan B.


Not to diminish the serious after effect bullshit of the riots, but I remember being pregnant at that time and only having minor cravings like blue ice cream from Kings Island and a certain type of cherry slush puppies from a particular gas station miles away from my apartment in Northside….I begged a gullible friend to break the ridiculous curfew to get me a cherry slushy…it didn’t go over so well….- Danae R.


I remember the Deveroes in my neighborhood ( Madisonville) getting all of the windows broke out. Then all of the kids in my hood got new shoes. It was actually kinda funny ,all my friends got garbage bags full of A-1’s and fresh gear on the bus for the next open day of school. I was in my combat boot punk rock faze so I didnt want any Jordans or whatever but I did like the “anarchy” Ha ha. Some one caught the dumpster on fire behind family dollar too. I remember that. But seriously ,It was a dark day for Cinci , the racial tension was no different than it had always been, that’s why it finally happened. I just wished people had rioted in Hyde Park square.- Karl L.


I was driving down Clay St in OTR heading home. I saw this guy rush toward my car with a full intention of car jacking me. At about 10 ft away he slowed to a walk, tilted his head to look at my face, frowned and then turned around and walked away. I think he turned around because I look menacing. OK, I don’t’ really look menacing that part is fiction. More than likely, he probably turned around because I’m not white, or maybe he saw a better car, I don’t know. It was eerie, like being in the eye of a hurricane.- Eli G.


Wow, where to begin. I was in my Bad Brains and ULTRA militant straight edge phase (Xs on hands at school, lmao, remember that shit?). At the time my family was living in Clifton Heights. I remember the first night seeing smoke. I wasn’t allowed (like most other folks) to go outside, but I did it anyway dressed in all-black like I was going to a black bloc. Such a silly thing to do. I honestly thought that I was going to participate in the “liberation” of Over-The-Rhine lol.- Yasin F.S.


I worked downtown at Lazarus. People were running through the store and the police were chasing them. My parents would not let me wait outside to get a ride home.-Joan M.



2 thoughts on “Post Your Stories

  1. I was detained by like 30 cops, some had pellet guns pointed at us, along with 5 others for jay walking downtown. Our belongings were thrown into the street and polaroids were taken of us. We were set “free” several hours later. Several of the people detained were awarded several thousand dollars by the city for their time on the sidewalk.

    It was later confirmed that my photo along with others was on a wall at the police department with the caption “anarchist” under it.

  2. I remember being stopped by police as I was going home from work. I had this crappy job as a cook at Red Lobster in the Western Hills Plaza. People had been looting all the stores all day in the Plaza and cops were everywhere and some of my co-workers were going to go to OTR after work. I couldn’t have been more than 100 ft. from R.L. when the cop flipped on the lights. I was asked where I was going and what I was doing. Lucky for me that day I actually was wearing an R.L. t-shirt so the cop believed me when I said I just got off work. I also remember wanting so badly to go downtown and fight some cops, but my mother refused to let me. I also remember arguing with people that what was going on needed to happen and that people had the right to protest.

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